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In early 2013, a group of watch connoisseurs and collectors desired to customize some of their watches. After looking at the different options provided by the most famous watch customization companies at the time, they found the designs too “plain” and started looking for new ways to customize their watches, in ways that had never been seen before on such objects. They then set themselves a goal: gather the best craftsman in order to create a very unique timepiece.

After doing some search, they found different types of craftsman’s, based all over Europe, and decided to send them watches to engrave, diamond craft, blackout, customize dial, and much more. By doing so, they were able to select and keep only the best craftsman’s, which made sure all the watches sent out would come back with a state-of-art work. He originally started selling those unique timepieces privately, only to customers he knew personally.

By the end of 2015, some of the group decided that it was time to bring their work and passion to the public. In January 2016, they launched WatchCraft Collection. The company is based in Miami, Florida.

Today, WatchCraft Collection owns the market in unique luxury timepieces. We are retailing in different stores worldwide, while also offering our products directly with customers, ensuring the best purchase experience possible.




All of our pieces are brand new (unless stated) and fully hand made. We have worked with many luxury timepiece makers such as Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger Le Coultre, Panerai, Patek Philippe and more.

Each of our timepiece comes with a theme made by one of our designer, which always make sure that the piece created is stunning and unique. The designer always provides the story behind the design of the watch.

The process of building a customized watch on our basis is very complex. 

First off, all of the watches we customize are either new, or vintage. We currently do not work on any pre-owned watches. Therefore, we DO NOT take customer’s watch to customize at the moment.

Next, comes the disassembly of the watch. To complete any type of work, such as PVD coating, engraving or diamond crafting, the watch needs to be completely disassembled. In this process, the watch parts that are not used in the customization process are separated and stored in a safe, tempered, free of dust room. By completing this process we ensure that the final product will have an irreproachable quality.

The customization process is completed in different part of Europe. While most of the engravings are done in the United Kingdom, Belgium or France, the diamonds crafting process as well as any color change on any part of the watch is mostly located in Switzerland.

When the customized work is finalized, the watch is put back all together and tested on professional watch instruments for a period of 24 to 48 hours. We are confident that our product maintains an exceptional quality, which is why all of our pieces have an international warranty of two years.

The total time to finalized a timepiece average between one and three months, which limits our production capacity. Our stock is very limited, and each watch will only be made once.




We believe that the packaging is very important; which is why each box we make is hand made in lacquer wood, finished with gold/silver leafs. Each box is protected by a soft cloth cover.




We do offer free international shipping to our customers buying over the phone/email.  Door to door delivery by a member of our team is available on select purchase/availability. While the shipping is free of charge, please note that customs fees and/or taxes may apply.




- What is WatchCraft?

WatchCraft Collection is a luxury watch customization company providing unique timepieces, taking “customization” to a new level.

- Can I give you my watch to customize?

As of today, we DO NOT take customer's watch to custom. However we can provide a watch that we can customize to your standards. Please contact us for inquiries.

- Why type of watch are you more confortable working with?

We are able to work on most watches. We are familiar with brand such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and many more. Please contact us for special orders.

- Are your watches used or new?

All of our watches are new, unless stated otherwise. When not new, the watch will be classified as “vintage”.

- How much does it cost?

Each timepiece is priced individually depending on multiple factors. Please contact us for pricing.

- Do you provide the original box and warranty cards?

No. All watches customized by our team come with our hand made wood box, and our WatchCraft Warranty card.

- How does the warranty works?

When a timepiece is modified, the original warranty is void. However WatchCraft Collection provides an International Warranty of two years. For more details, please visit our “Warranty” section. Our goal is to bring our customers the best possible service, therefore if you have any request regarding your watch that it related to the warranty, please contact us for a bespoke review.

- Can you reverse the customization process?

No. Once a watch is modified, it is not reversible.

- Where can I get my unique timepiece serviced if needed?

We can provide service for your customized watch. Please contact us for pricing and timing.



Warranty Information

“WatchCraft Collection, LLC” provides warranty coverage for two years from the date of purchase on all of the watches from WatchCraft Collection.

Our warranty covers accuracy of the watch mechanism. This excludes - straps, crystal glass, watch case & bracelet damage caused by improper use, excessive wear and tear, physical/accidental abuse and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer’s water resistance limitations. 

All shipping and handling costs in connection with warranty service are the responsibility of the customer. This warranty is valid only at “WatchCraft Collection, LLC” Improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than WatchCraft Collection will void this warranty.


For additional questions concerning warranty service, please contact

Note to customers:

WatchCraft Collection is an independant company and is related in no way to any watch manufacter. 

Pictures might slightly differ from the final product. As much as we try to provide the most detailed photos of our pieces, the vision of a watch in pictures might be different than in person.